“M” knew something was wrong before even setting foot in the building. A feeling she just couldn’t shake. She finally sought help after being plagued by strange occurrences in her young families new apartment.
[2016-01-16 10:46:38]
Have you ever seen a structure or setting that speaks to you...practically calls your name? One you know you are destined to become a part of; if only for a brief moment in time?
[2015-07-17 17:57:37]
We made our way back to Gettysburg for the annual Phenomenology event. Things were just a little different as team-mate / medium Steve Lewis joined us all the way from Australia.
[2015-05-09 07:47:17]
The spirits are certainly making their presence known at this Northern New Jersey landmark. Are Emil and "Mother" Perona still watching over the business they laid the foundation for so many years ago?
[2015-03-27 16:59:04]
A family member reaches out for answers after enduring 25 years of paranormal activity in their home.
[2015-02-27 11:15:27]
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