Bearfort Paranormal 2012 Investigation of the Abandoned Coco Palms Resort Kauai, HI -released June 2016

Paranormal Claims:
This grove and the surrounding area have been rife with ghost stories and legends for generations. The night marchers or ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors are said to roam this area as well as many other significant spots on the island.
They are said to roam freely at night while visiting old battlefields and sacred sites. Reports of chanting and drums are not uncommon.
While the hotel was still open, staff members regularly reported seeing a shadow man in the kitchen and adjacent break area.
Multiple people have suffered from what can only be described as a time lapse, as you will hear first hand.
Many of the security officers have felt a presence coming up behind them in various parts of the building as well as the grounds. One account many years ago stated that Elvis's apparition was seen near Bungalow 56, shortly after he passed.
Much has changed since the Marquesans from Polynesia originally settled this region around 400 A.D, but the beauty and mystique remain.
Long before the King stayed here, Kauai's last reigning queen, Queen Deborah Kapule called this beautiful land near the Wailua River home.
Its no wonder this area eventually became a mecca for tourism in the 1960s and beyond. Originally opened in 1953, the resort thrived under the expert guidance of Grace Guslander who truly turned this into a dream resort oozing with Polynesian culture and charm.
It was a resort like no other. So magnificent in fact, it became a favorite destination for Hollywood stars and Royalty alike.
Many films have been made at the resort; Blue Hawaii being the most famous. Elvis Presley even had his own bungalow here; number 56.
Times changed over the years, but the resort remained a favorite attracting many return vacationers and honeymooners.
Unfortunately, everything changed when Hurricane Iniki hit in 1992. The hotel was damaged and fell into disrepair. For over 20 years, Kauai Bob has been the caretaker and tour guide (among other things) for this somewhat strange and wonderful place.
After getting the proper approvals; Kauai Bob joined us for an investigation of the property. We started in the Kings cottage. After a brief investigation, we put some Elvis music on to set the mood and left. Just over an hour later, a woman's voice can be heard on playback.
The three of us immediately headed over to the Heiau on the other side of the property. We placed an offering at the site as a sign of respect to the spirits. Four years later and I still have chills as I type this.
Without giving too much away, we actually had to have some of the evps we captured translated as they were in Hawaiian.
We continued on through the property and various out buildings such as the chapel and the museum.
We picked up another evp near the pool and oracle tower. Again, it did not sound like English, but we were the only three people on the grounds during the investigation.
Eventually we made our way inside to the both Frog Wing and the Fish Wing of the hotel, where Bob recounted a very strange experience he had. The last spot we hit was the kitchen

We look forward to the reincarnation of the Coco Palms. We'd like to think the spirits do as well. It's hard not to wonder if this would even be possible without the love and dedication of one amazing man. Thank you for taking a chance on two strangers. We are proud to call you a friend, Kauai Bob.

The resort is currently slated to re-open in 2017.
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