Bearfort Paranormal

We are Bearfort Paranormal of Northern New Jersey. The main goal for our group is to assist those who feel they are experiencing paranormal activity. This will primarily be achieved through extensive research and scientific investigation. Our team is also interested in exploring the spiritual aspects of a haunting. We will base our findings on the facts at hand, often taking on the role of both believer and skeptic.

Team Members

Robert Bandov
Technical Manager / Investigator
My interest in the paranormal was sparked by the experiences my wife encountered during her childhood. I am always excited to find new equipment and techniques that can enable us to either prove or disprove a haunting.
Sandra Bandov
Case Manager / Investigator
This quest is very personal for me, as I encountered many paranormal events throughout my childhood. Unfortunately, I was alone much of this time. I sincerely hope to offer support & comfort to those in need. I am also quite interested in uncovering the history that lies beneath.
Steve Lewis
Psychic Medium
I am a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium with a diploma in Organ and Skeletal Healing. The readings I do are mostly done via psychometry. They are what I see, hear, smell and feel. I work with The team remotely from Australia and whenever I am in America.
William Angelet
Having had many spiritual encounters throughout the years, I have become very curious about the afterlife and what becomes of the soul. Is there life after death? Will this question be answered in our lifetime? I hope to put my interest in the paranormal, as well as, my background in technology to the test in the hopes of answering this age old question.
Jerry C
Webmaster / Investigator
I would not consider myself a religious person and I don't necessarily believe that what we perceive as ghosts are actually deceased people. There are many other interesting theories that try to explain what so many people experience. On that note, I would be pleasantly surprised if I was proved wrong.
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