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Bearfort Paranormal Returns to the Haldeman Mansion Bainbridge, PA November 2015

Paranormal Claims:
There are so many claims its hard to know where to begin!
Most notable are many stories of a little girl and an older man that often make their presence known among the many other spirits that still roam the home, property and nearby burial grounds. Then you have Jacob who was taken in by the Haldemans, and then subsequently banned from the mansion for bad behavior. You see young Jacob was more than a little off his head. He enjoyed harming, often-killing birds and small animals. The final straw as Lora told us, occurred when he was caught killing a bald eagle. Legend has it- he lived out his final days under a large tree on the property and eventually succumbed to the elements. Has he finally made his way back in to the only loving home he ever knew?
One can only assume the mansions close proximity to the Susquehanna River and active train tracks also have something to do with the energy one can easily feel surrounding the Haldeman. Combine all this with the nearby Indian burial grounds that have been disturbed and you have the perfect recipe for a haunting.
The mansion was built on sacred Native American Indian land which was of great importance to the Conoy Indian tribe in both life and death, as the area served as both their home, and final resting place.
The Galbraith family built the oldest parts of the home, which include the summer kitchen, in the mid 1700s. The prestigious Haldeman family, who inhabited the mansion in its heyday, made further improvements.
The mansion is known as the birthplace of famed naturalist and scientist, Samuel S. Haldeman.
Famous visitors from around the world attended parties and events here throughout the 1800s.

The mansion was placed on the Pennsylvania and National Registers of Historic Places in 1977.

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Haldeman Mansion History
This was a joint investigation with our good friend Chuck (Chucks Paranormal Adventures), and fellow investigators Ian and Gabby.
Our evening started in the main floor foyer. We sat down to introduce ourselves to the spirits before breaking off into smaller groups. What resulted was a rather interesting P-SB7 spirit box session.
We made our way down to the basement as Chucks team hit the attic. We set up our REM Pod, Vibe Pod & UV Pod from Pro Measurements, as well as the Energy Rod from Digital Dowsing. We were eager to bring out the SLS Xcam we had used on our first visit. It seems several spirits were also eager to make their presence known in front of the camera as well. Bob was even able to reach out to one!
Once again, we witnessed some amazing interaction between the various pods. The fact that the UV Pod continually went off is simply amazing.
After a period of time, we switched locations and took on the attic. Let me start by saying; the attic is a serious place. You feel the change in energy the moment you venture up there. There is a definite presence (or least there was that night).
I know that I personally felt on guard the entire time we were up there, and its quite visible if you watch everyones body language. A very menacing voice came through the SB-11 while Robert, Will and I were in the attic. We initially thought the voice was saying Get out of my house, but we realized we were mistaken. Regardless of what was said, we felt a wave of anger fill the entire room. Eventually, we thought it wise to take a breather and ventured downstairs.
Our intention was to slip outside for a few minutes and take a break, but as we descended the stairs we were caught off guard by the sound of our REM Bear going off in Jacob's room. This activity continued throughout the evening.
In what may be considered a controversial move, I had placed an EM Pump near the bear hoping it would draw a spirit toward it. After much debunking, it was clear that the bear was being triggered whether or not the EM Pump was near it or not.
We also found the second floor of the summer kitchen to be quite active. One of the PSB-11 responses that we received simply stunned us! Will and I also both sensed a spirit entering the building and coming up the stairs toward us.
As the evening wore on, Chuck decided it was time to reason with the male spirit residing in the attic. Later, Robert & Will ventured back up there as well. Both teams made contact once again through both the PSB-7 and PSB-11.
The eerie thing is that we all had our names called out multiple times in many different locations. Both evp and disembodied voices were picked up throughout both buildings.
The activity suddenly came to a halt as quickly as it began. We joked about it, but it almost seemed like it had something to do with the solo session Chuck had conducted in the attic.
You may have noticed that we were all commenting that we had the chills, felt goose bumps, or even woozy in some cases. This place has that kind of effect on you. I would almost call it a funhouse effect. I can see how it could be very overwhelming for those who are highly sensitive.

The Haldeman is a simply an amazing place, though I do feel for the spirits who remain here. I hope they find their way when the time is right. I think once you venture in, you will always be drawn back here. Perhaps that is where the difficulty lies.

We cannot thank Lora enough for all she does to keep the history of this wonderful mansion alive. She is truly amazing.

We will update our page with a link to Chuck's footage once he releases it.
As always; please wear headphones for best results! Thank you for watching!
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