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Private Home Investigation, Undisclosed Location NJ September 2015

Paranormal Claims:
"M" had a nightmare involving this 3 family dwelling shortly before moving in with her now husband and baby daughter. Since then she has heard breathing, shuffling sounds and footsteps.
In addition, she has heard various sounds near the closet in the master bedroom including "devious laughter". She even felt the weight of something the size of a cell phone dropping onto the bed next to her. At first she even thought it was her own phone, but there was nothing there.
She has noticed her daughter looking intently toward her bedroom closet as if she sees someone or something in that corner of the room.
A small painting she has done seems to literally fly off the wall in the hallway* The painting happens to hang next to an antique mirror that had been picked up at a garage sale.
Her husband "J" was open to exploring what may be going on, but had not been experiencing these same issues.

*We were easily able to debunk how the painting could fall off the wall although the distance it reportedly travels is odd. Medium Steve Lewis also felt there was more to it, as did "M".
Multiple family dwellings are tricky, as any paranormal investigator would agree. There are many personalities living in close proximity to one another. Often there is a spiritual bleed through from one floor or apartment to another. It can be quite difficult to pinpoint where the disturbance is emanating from.
In this case, there was at least one dark, unsavory character as well as a very depressed individual who had lived in this very apartment. Could their residual energy be a contributing factor? Unfortunately, It is difficult to go into more detail for privacy reasons.
It should also be noted that "M" is no stranger to such occurrences. She has had experiences going back to her childhood and grew up in a home rife with activity.
Could it be possible that her past has opened her up to such phenomena? Is the mirror the root cause of much of the current activity?
While there was virtually some type of phenomena reported in the entire unit, we were planning on focusing much of our attention in the hallway where the mirror was hung. Though not present for the actual investigation, Medium Steve Lewis tuned into the space and collaborated with us after our preliminary walk through with the tenant.
He was very drawn to the mirror and felt it was functioning as an active portal for the spirits.
Whoever was waiting for us the evening of our investigation must have been a bit excited. The activity started before we could even set our equipment up.
Our Mel Meters and REM Pods were going off continually between the master bedroom and the dining / living room area.
At one point, we caught an EVP that sounds like a male proudly acknowledging, "I put it on".
The cat and mouse game continued throughout the evening, as you will see.
We even had some success with the new Energy Rods and UV Pod we recently started working with.
A series of names came through during one of our Ovilus sessions. When we shared these names with our client, she was floored. One of the names even belonged to a recently departed friend.
We also had a pretty fascinating episode while doing a PSB-11 and PSB-7 session in the master bedroom. Something very unusual appeared over our heads while we were conducting one of the sessions. Was it a doorway or portal opening during our session? Perhaps a presence watching over us? We have never caught anything like this before and have been unable to debunk it.

The mirror that seemed to account for much of the activity has been removed. As of this writing, no further paranormal activity has been reported.

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