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Bearfort Lodge Investigation Undisclosed Location NJ October 2014

Paranormal Claims:
As soon as you enter this beautiful home, you feel the magic. As I looked around, I could imagine the great room full of people engaged in various activities. So alive with the energy of both the past and the present.
Its no wonder a few spirits may wish to remain here. Bits of conversations and voices have been heard. The current homeowner has also heard his name called on more then one occasion. Heavy footsteps have been perceived in the loft and on the stairs. There has been some object manipulation; namely the unexplained movements of a tribal face mask on the wall.
Nestled in the heart of the New Jersey Highlands stands a beautiful rustic cabin known to many as the Bearfort Lodge.
This historic cabin has functioned as a hunting lodge, speakeasy, bar and restaurant, as well as a private home.
The structure itself is an extraordinary example of an early 1900s chestnut log home, which is being lovingly restored by its current owner.
Our initial walkthrough indicated there were no inherent EMF levels within the structure or on the grounds. We planned on walking throughout the entire home and investigating from room to room, but for some reason we were drawn to the large enclosed porch off the great room.
We decided to gather around one of the tables so we could introduce ourselves and make our intentions known.
It wasnt long before we started to experience hits on the various REM Pods we had in place, though we did debunk the activity we captured with the Vibe Pod in the loft. We eventually decided to turn the device off as a result.
We were also experimenting with the Laser-EVP Mic in the loft. This device allows you to extract Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) from one reflective surface to another.
Many of us also felt goose bumps as well as a rolling chill that seemed to move from person to person as the REM Pod on the table was going off. This particular pod will only go off if the electro magnetic field, which radiates from the device is broken.
It should also be noted that there was an inherent draftwith temperatures fluctuating between 66- 68 degrees.
As the energy began to build Bob got up and grabbed the SLS camera*. What happened next floored us. We captured an anomaly at the table that coincided with the REM Pod going off as well! We were floored. We honestly could not contain our excitement, and took a break to review this evidence.
Once we settled down, we turned our attention to some of the ITC devices we had brought along; namely, the P-SB7, P-SB11, and the Ovilus.
We had quite a bit of interaction, which was both intelligent and direct in many cases. Our cameras also picked up a stomping sound we had all heard in the main part of the cabin.
Chuck and Will headed outside to take a walk around the grounds while the rest of the group dispersed for a bit. Tony and John decided to relax in the great room while Bob monitored the equipment.
At this point the girls decided to play a mock game of blackjack, which garnered some interesting results.
The amount of EVPS we captured seemed to escalate as the evening wore on.
One EVP from the loft area was rather chillingit occurred while Sandra was in the upstairs restroom. It was a male voice, which said Just the two of us- gives me chills to this day!

Please note; all alternate cameras that were placed throughout the cabin were checked in an effort to debunk them.

We'd love to go back in the near future to explore this amazing location in greater detail. We are also eager to address the young child who tried reaching out to us. Sadly, we could not make out exactly what she had said to us at the time. Her voice has haunted us ever since.

*We have tried to debunk the evidence we captured with the camera that evening, and have poured over the visuals countless times! Chuck is sitting in the background just behind where the anomaly was captured, but he was extremely still. The anomaly was not. The interesting part is that this was also happening at the same time the REM Pod was going crazy and we all felt the deep chill go through us one at a time.
*The SLS Camera is a Structured Light Sensor Camera System. It is a portable camera with a variety of sensors. Some of the features include ultrasonic distance detection, thermal temperature sensing and light frequency sensing.

If you would like more information on this equipment, you can find the links to Professional Measurement (D.A.S.) and Digital Dowsing on our favorite links page.

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