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Torpedo Factory Art Center Alexandria VA 2015

Paranormal Claims:
Then resident artist Justin R Roykovich shared both his experiences and stories with us. The most riveting of the paranormal claims is the sighting of a male apparition who has been seen looking over the railing on the second floor. Many believe him to the spirit of a male artist who passed away in the 1980s. There is also a sense of feeling watched in certain portions of the building; or of simply not being alone. Random loud noises, as well as heavy footsteps have been heard up on the second and third floors.
Originally built as a US Naval Torpedo Station in 1918, the factory was responsible for the manufacture and maintenance of torpedoes.
The facility also served as a munitions storage area until World War II. As the war escalated it resumed production activity and expanded with as many as ten new buildings.
At its height, the factory employed 5000 people and was in operation around the clock seven days a week.
After production ceased the factory was used throughout the 1950s and 1960s by the Smithsonian Institution, which stored art and paleontological items there, and by Congress for storing Nazi war documents, films and evidence of Holocaust Atrocities.
Chief Archivist Robert Wolfe and his team spent many years examining and cataloging these captured German records.
In 1969 a group of artists led by Marian Van Landingham, fought to have the building turned into studios for working artists. On September 15, 1974 the Torpedo Art Factory was born.
The most profound portions of our investigation were two spirit box sessions we conducted. The first session features Jeff Rezman and Tom Tongue of Paranormal Investigations who were participating via iPad. While some of the audio is a bit challenging, some very interesting information came through including some words in German and possibly Polish.
Jeff determined there were seven spirits, six of whom were connected to or somehow attached to the hidden artifacts that are still stored within the building.
One spirit stood out as being a very gentle youngish man, an artist who seems to have been associated with the renaissance of this massive space. Could this be the man who has been seen on the second floor?
As the night wore on we played a series of questions recorded in German to see if we could elicit a response. We also had both an American and Nazi flag with some common wartime favorites such as a pack of cigarettes nearby in hopes of attracting any soldiers or former workers who may have been lingering.
As the investigation wore on we felt a few cold spots, which was unusual because it was an extremely warm night and the heat was still on.
Much later in the evening we conducted another spirit box session
We found it interesting that all of the activity we captured was interactive in one way or another. We went through countless hours of evidence review on the many cameras and devices we ran and nothing seemed to occur unless we were present with the exception of one rather weak evp.

Its evident that something of significance is still on the property and the spirits are drawn to it. Does the young artist stay here to keep watch over this amazing achievement he helped to create, or is he able to come and go as he pleases?
Could there be residual activity as well, maybe a few workers who have given their blood, sweat and tears during wartime that are not ready to move on?
Perhaps they enjoy the life and new energy, which once again pulsates through this historic structure on a daily basis.

Special thanks to Justin for coordinating our visit to the Torpedo Art Factory.

.We recommend headphones while listening to this video.
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