Event Spalding Main

The Spalding Inn, Whitefield NH Dec 2009 and May 2010

The Event:
This was one of the first TAPS Ghost Hunting Events held at the newly purchased Spalding Inn. We were able to investigate the hot spots in the main building as well as the entire Carriage House. I would highly recommend any of these smaller events to anyone that has an interest in the paranormal. The lectures are very informative, the people are amazing and Inn itself is a very special place.
The History:
The Spalding Inn was previously known as the Cherry Hill House. It was built in the mid 1800's. A former owner of the inn was said to have committed suicide in the carriage house. A woman and child were said to have perished there as well. Apparitions and shadow figures have been seen in the upstairs carriage house windows and in certain area's of the main building. Doors open and close in the main inn for no apparent reason. A black mass has been seen repeatedly in the bar, as well as the kitchen.
The Investigation:
We had previously stayed in the main hotel the evening before the event started. We ran a video camera and audio all night, yet did not catch anything. The only unusual thing that did occur was that I encountered a weight pressing down on my chest in the middle of the night. I'm generally a very heavy sleeper, but I must say that I woke up feeling rather shaken. The following evening we started off by investigating the main inn. The building definitely has a certain feel to it, but we did not come away with any concrete evidence. We eventually made our way over to the carriage house and what was to become an unforgettable evening. We immediately headed up to the second level of the building, and were made aware of the fact that one of the investigators had just been violently scratched "by something".

We decided to settle in a nearby room (17) and do an evp session. After checking out the other rooms on the second floor we made our way downstairs.

We were immediately drawn to room 12. The highlights of what we caught are on the youtube video below. Please be sure to put on your headphones and turn the sound up. I think the footage speaks for itself.

In the spring of 2010 we decided to book room 12 for three nights. It was just before the summer season started and we were alone in the building much of the time. Upon our arrival, we walked into room 12 and looked around for a few moments. We then went out to our car to grab our bags. We had been gone no more then 2-3 minutes. Upon re-entering the room, the clock radio was blasting white noise, and blinking. We examined the clock and the alarm had not been set, and the radio was off as well. Could there there have been some type of outage during those few minutes? I suppose anything is possible. We just looked at it as a hello. The only other odd occurrence we had was caught on video and preceded by the only EVP we captured the entire trip. Again, we believe the footage speaks for itself. We ran cameras and audio continuously while we were there yet did not capture any evps or video footage. We were also able to debunk some of the high EMF readings we had captured on our first visit. The main electrical line for the carriage house was located directly outside the room.

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