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The Mount Lenox, MA Halloween Event 2020

Paranormal Claims:
As soon as you enter this beautiful home, you feel the magic. As I looked around, I could imagine the great room full of people engaged in lively conversation and various activities of the day. So alive with the energy of both the past and the present. Its no wonder a few spirits may wish to remain here. Bits of conversations and voices have been heard. Photographic evidence has been captured. Apparitions have been seen throughout the home, grounds and stable.
This magnificent estate and lavish gardens were designed by author Edith Wharton in 1901. Edith and husband Teddy Wharton lived at the home for ten years. Though stuck in a troubled marriage, this era represented a very important time for her professionally. Some of her greatest works such as The House of Mirth and Ethan Frome were written during her time at the Mount. The couples marriage inevitably crumbled due to Teddys mental state. They sold the Mount in 1911 and divorced in 1913.
Edith moved to France permanently, while Teddy remained with family in Lenox, MA. The Mount had a series of private owners before being sold to the headmistress of the Foxhollow boarding school for girls. The staff and pupils of the school resided here for 37 years. The theatre group, Shakespeare & Company took up residence after the estate sat vacant for some time. It was then purchased by Edith Wharton Restoration, which has restored much of the property to its original splendor.

Please visit for more information on the Whartons extraordinary lives as well as this important and vital property.

While given access to the entire mansion, we found the private spaces to be the most active. Perhaps this is where Edith and Teddy felt less vulnerable. We set up a wide array of equipment from the gallery to the attic, however the rooms with the most activity were Edith's bedroom and Teddy's study.
We did a quick walk through with Robert and Katherine the evening before the event. We caught some interesting EVPS (electronic voice phenomena) in the attic as well as the second floor.
We also had some very interesting communication with Robert Oakes in what is known as the Henry James Suite. Robert reached out to previous owner Albert Shattuck, who once claimed this room as his own. Our SLS Camera (Structured Light Sensor Camera System) caught an image of an unseen presence, while our static detector mirrored the chills felt throughout the room. What is really intriguing is the deep connection this spirit seems to have with Robert.
Our last stop of the evening was Ediths bedroom. We did a quick EVP session; the responses were both highly intelligent and sorrowful. We believe Teddy was conversing with us.
Robert Oakes led viewers throughout the stable and estate on Halloween, while our team investigated the mansion. The sound of footsteps and a dog barking were heard in the gallery. We thought this was quite interesting as Edith and Teddy were avid dog lovers Our REM Pod was triggered by an abnormality within the electromagnetic field surrounding the device.
As the evening progressed, much of our investigation centered in Ediths bedroom. Medium Tracy McGrath sensed Ediths presence throughout the evening. Her instinct and abilities helped to bridge the gap and pull her energy even closer to us.
We used various trigger objects and equipment to communicate with spirit during the course of the evening and the audio responses captured continued to wow us. We had some incredible interaction with the RR-DR60 recorder, as well as a number of other ITC (Instrumental Trans- communication) devices known to facilitate spirit communication. As the session in Ediths room came to a close, a spirit announced Good night- its late.
Meanwhile, downstairs in Teddys study Bob fulfilled a promise which he had made the evening before. A toast and a cigar for Teddy!
It was the perfect ending to a wonderful evening filled with the hope and desire that all things are possible.

We believe Teddy and Edith both made their presence known. I felt we would easily connect with Teddy as he had personally lost so much here in the way of his sanity. Edith seemed to have moved on, or so I thought.
This is just a brief glimpse into their lives as well as the psychic imprints and energy left by everyone who has entered this location. There is so much more to experience here.
Go take a walk through the gardens, visit the pet cemetery and the stable. Take a tour for yourself; the energy is palpable. Become part of the history. The wonderful people who work here are so dedicated. Perhaps they will even tell you a ghost story or two.

A heartfelt thank you to our partners in the field; Chuck Lehman of Chuck's Paranormal Adventures, Andrea Lehman, Timothy J Dalton of Ghost Prowlers and Psychic Medium Tracy McGrath.
Wed also like to thank the amazing staff at the Mount for giving us this opportunity.
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