Investigation 1 Italian Villa Roy Vail House

The Italian Villa Restaurant of Warwick, NY The Roy Vail House December 2010

Paranormal Claims:
There have been complaints of items disappearing and then reappearing days later. Doors and cabinets open and close on their own. Footsteps are heard, as well as, the meow of an old friend. Apparitions have been seen on the second floor and in the attic. The presence of a small girl has been felt in the back bedroom. A metal rack in the coat closet started spinning wildly when a priest was called in to bless the house.
Revolutionary War Veteran Levi Ellis built this home in the late 1700s. Gilbert Drew later purchased the house in the mid 1800s. Drew constructed the second story of the home and renamed the estate Maple Glen Farm. In 1920 Harry Vail purchased the home and his family occupied it until 1960. Roy Vail, a famed gunsmith, lived in the house while he ran his business from a nearby barn. Misfortune came to the Vail family when Roy's sister was found murdered in 1972. Her death seemed to be without motive and no one was ever formerly charged. Rumors surfaced about Roys involvement and a decade later Roy Vail walked into what is now known as the "Peach Room" and took his own life. The house was converted into a restaurant shortly thereafter.
We did an initial walk through a few hours before our investigation was to begin. A few areas registered high EMF readings, but the readings were clearly due to the electrical wiring, with the exception of a 2.4 mg reading in the patio area. Once the investigation got underway, we decided to run static camera's in both the attic and the wine cellar. One team took a video camera along with them, while the other team grabbed the FLIR thermal camera. As always, each investigator was also armed with an audio recorder, EMF detector, and / or still camera. We picked up some very interesting EVP's during a session in the back bedroom on the second floor. We also had a number of personal experiences in this room. On one occasion, Jerry was lying back on the bed with his feet flat on the floor. He felt what he could only describe as someone poking him in the knee with their index finger (right knee - left knee - right knee). The culprit seemed to be the height of a child. We also have some interesting footage that shows an intelligent light anomaly that seemed to be interacting with us. Later the voice of a male spirit announced that it was scared and implored us to just go. The interaction did not stop there. More interesting EVPs were captured throughout the evening. Perhaps, the most compelling one being from Roy himself.

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