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Slater Mill Pawtucket, RI. Legend Trip Event with Jeff Belanger April 2012

The Event:
We finally had the opportunity to attend one of Jeff Belanger's famous Legend Tripping events.
If you are not familiar with Jeff, you should be. Aside from being a prolific author, host of 30 Odd Minutes and all around good guy. He is also the head writer and researcher for a little show called Ghost Adventures.
This event took place at Slater Mill in Pawtucket, RI. The mill compound as it is known today is actually comprised of three different buildings that reside alongside the Blackstone River.
Slater Mill, built in 1793, the Wilkinson Mill, built in 1810, and the Sylvanus Brown House, which was built in 1758 and transported to the property many years later.
The afternoon started with presentations by Jeff Belanger, Keith and Carl Johnson, Matt Moniz, Tim Weisberg and Andrew Lake.
After participating in a live 30 Odd Minutes taping and Q&A session we were able to investigate each of the aforementioned buildings for several hours.
This event was quite fun and informative. We have been to enough of them to know that there can be pitfalls though when it comes to reviewing your audio / video. Oftentimes evidence has to be thrown out due to contamination. You just have to let it go! You are also gaining access to amazing places you normally would not be able to investigate. You have to remember that sometimes it is just about the journey itself, which in this case, was very cool.
The History:
The mill itself dates back to 1793. Many consider this mill to be the birthplace of American Industry. This honor was unfortunately earned, in part by the many children that worked at the mill.
They worked under horrific conditions and were often maimed or even killed as a result.
Couple this tragic history with the waters of the fierce Blackstone River and the naturally occurring quartz trapped in the stone walls of the mill and you may just have the perfect conditions for a haunting.
Some of the paranormal claims include hearing the voices and screams of children and seeing shadows moving about in the darkness. Many people have even reported being scratched.

Please see below for more information regarding the history of the mill as well as other Legend Trip events:


The Investigation:
The investigation itself was quite interesting. We started at ground zero in the lower level of the Wilkinson Mill where the wheel pit is located. This area definitely had a very heavy almost organic feel to it. There were many times I felt that something was lurking against the back wall behind the wheel itself, but cannot substantiate the claim. We did capture an energy anomaly that appeared to form in mid air, only to vanish on camera.
Next we were led into the museum to tour the actual floor where the workers toiled day after day and sought out a quiet spot where we could set up our equipment and a trigger object for the children that may be remaining. As you will see, an adult spirit took note of it right away. We had a good deal of success in this particular location, but things quickly became a bit strange as many names from a previous outing in Gettysburg just a couple of weeks before started popping up on the Ovilus!
While in the Sylvanus Brown House, we watched quietly as Carl Johnson took the lead. He played trigger music in the hopes of enticing the little girl that resides here to come out and interact with the dowsing rods he often uses.
From here, we set up in the machine shop. I felt rather dizzy & somewhat out of it while we were in this part of the mill. Later I read that many people have reported feeling pressure on their chest n this location and a vast heaviness.
We experimented with the SB7 (Spirit Box) a bit, but it was really just too much to subject others to volume wise, so we switched back to the Ovilus once again. We asked for a name and the name Stephen came up 3 times. Initially, we were relieved because this was not a name we had gotten before. Sadly we began to feel that this poor soul was stuck there. Our only regret from an otherwise amazing evening was that just as things really began to come together and intensify, the event ended. If anyone reads this and has an opportunity to visit the machine shop, please ask for Stephen.
I wouldnt be surprised if he answers.

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