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Shanley Hotel Napanoch, NY February, 2013

Paranormal Claims:
Evps and object manipulation are quite common throughout the Inn. As is the occasional full body apparition and shadow play. While there were a number of children and residents who died at the Inn. Legend speaks of many working girls and unsavory types that may have passed here as well.
What started as a tranquil hotel in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of NY has had quite a storied past.
I am quick to admit defeat and cut my losses when it comes to tackling the unique history of the Inn.
Sal and company have done such a great job amassing the information (in chronological order no less) that I must encourage anyone not familiar with the Inns history to visit the Shanley Hotels website. A link has been provided below-

We chose a very quiet night in February to investigate the Inn with our good friend Chuck Lehman of Chucks Paranormal Adventures. Once we settled in, we were given a quick tour with the other hotel guests and scrambled to set everything up as quickly and quietly as possible. We ran a full spectrum array on the 3rd floor, which illuminated the long narrow hallway rather well. We also placed many trigger objects, REM pods & meters about while we traveled mainly with handheld devices throughout the rest of the building.
We caught quite a numbers of EVPS and had some very interesting interaction with both the Ovilus and the PSB7 Spirit Box particularly in room 23.
There was a point where we literally had so many voices coming through the spirit box at once that it became a free for all and can not even be presented. We feel that this may be due to one of the many vortexes that are rumored to be here.
One of the other hot spots was downstairs in the Gentlemen's Quarters. I idiotically chose to lie down on my stomach at one point putting myself in a vulnerable position. An orb or light anomaly is seen shooting straight up and away from me as I am speaking to Bob and telling him that I feel as though someone was pressing down on my back. We are quite skeptical of Orbs ourselves, believing many to be bugs but the temperature in the room was only 35 degrees. The outside temperature was 15 degrees!
Our friend Chuck orchestrated a card game in the Gentlemen's Quarters as well. While we didn't capture any evidence during the mock gambling sequence, Chuck was struck rather violently on his shoulder once our cameras were turned off! Could this be the angry spirit that has lashed out against others in this same room....including myself ?

As they say at The Shanley..."The spirits are Inn"
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