Ringwood Manor New Jersey

2012-08-06 21:29:00
Ringwood Manor

Ringwood Manor has had a long and illustrious history as a home to many prominent families prior to being donated to the State of NJ. The area was originally inhabited by Native Americans, and was quite rich in iron, and timber, as well as other various natural resources. There have been many stories of hauntings over the years that take place both inside the manor and throughout the grounds and cemetery.

Such luminaries as Edward Cayce & Hans Holzer have held seances at the manor, but sadly I don't believe any paranormal groups have been allowed to investigate the premises since the late 1960's.

We decided to check out the grounds one beautiful evening in December of 2011. The sky was quite ominous when we first arrived. Soon after, it turned black and the temperature fell into the single digits. It was at this point, that we realized we had the entire grounds to ourselves for the last hour or so the park was open.

We traveled rather light...taking only what the two of us could reasonably carry: our video, full spectrum and FLIR cameras, as well as a Mel Meter, REM POD and an audio recorder.

While we did not capture any visuals of note, I think you will agree that we managed to capture a few very interesting EVP's. I especially find the female EVP to be quite distinct and intelligent in nature.

We will definitely be back to pay our respects!

Please check out the link provided below for further historical information on the Manor & its history.

Ringwood Manor History

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