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Phenomenology 104 Gettysburg PA March 2012

The Event:
Phenomenology is a yearly paranormal convention which is held in Gettysburg, PA. Paranormal groups and speakers from all around the country attend this event each year. Its a great opportunity to network with others in the field. The variety of lecture topics covers everything from ghost hunting to cryptozoology and alien abduction to name just a few. Tickets for additional gallery readings, workshops, and investigations may also be purchased.
The History:
The International Museum of Spiritual Investigation is a non profit entity that mainly exists to educate the public. The musuem also houses a unique collection of strange artifacts, haunted objects and paranormal evidence.
One room even pays homage to the Runkel family who lived in the house during the time of the Civil War. Its said that they hid in the basement during the entire battle. This room is rumored to be quite active,as is the rest of the building.

Please click on the link below if you would like to visit their site:

International Museum of Spiritual Investigation
The Investigation:
While given the opportunity to investigate the entire museum, the highlight of the event was being able to work with and learn from one of the greats in our field; Chris Fleming.
Our group participated in a very interesting session with Chris in the front parlor. Our video opens with a short clip of him speaking about the Ovilus X.
The most compelling interaction,however,came through the P-SB7. Oddly enough, this is where it also starts to get very personal for Sandra as you will see.

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