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Perona Farms Andover NJ January 2014

Paranormal Claims:
Both employees & patrons have reported seeing a man with a top hat pass through the main dining room. Emil has even been seen looking out of the window in the gold room.
There have been reports of people being touched on their heads, and having their hair pulled.
Employees have also seen a disembodied arm and hand by one of the sinks in the main kitchen area.
Doors open and close. Vacuums are often unplugged. Unexplained images have been seen in various mirrors. A feeling of unease often fills the basement and back hallway the employees frequent.
The history of Perona Farms is both unique and endearing. What once started as a dairy farm in bucolic Sussex County remains a family run business spanning four generations.
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Perona Farms - Our Story
The Chef's son and nephew were with us throughout most of the evening. They know the building inside and out along with most of the stories and claims of activity. We started our investigation in one of the bridal suites. There were no previous claims associated with this area, but we did have some interesting interaction with both the REM Pod and Mel Meter.
As the evening wore on, we broke off into smaller groups. Chuck caught an amazing visual as we made our way through the kitchen with one of the boys. We all saw a very large ball of energy coming straight toward us & then simply disappear.
As we re-grouped in the main dining room, Medium Steve Lewis joined us for an Ovilus session. The session itself was very interactive and also yielded a few interesting EVP's.
Things felt a bit different in the basement, and in the end we did not want to overstay our welcome. Particularly since the boys were with us. Basements are the place nightmares are made of, and this one was no exception. It could be due to the higher EMF given off by the wiring and machinery creating a fear cage for those who are susceptible to increased and flucuating levels. It could also be a favorite, quiet spot where the spirits choose to reside....a hiding place, if you will. While one spirit had urged us to "Stay", others did not seem as inviting, as is evident on the footage.
Next we entered the gold room where Emil is often seen. One of the boys felt his head or hood being tapped, which is common in this area. The PSB-7 Spirit Box was quite active as well.
As the night came to a close, Bob and Chuck made another trip to the basement as Will & I headed back up to the bridal suite. Will also took another pass at the back hallway and surrounding rooms, where he
caught a number of anomalies.
I don't think any of us realized we'd be ending the investigation on such a humorous note!

This site definitely requires further investigation. Despite our experience in the basement, I believe we alleviated some of the fears the boys growing up in and around the restaurant had. We are hoping to return in the near future so we can focus our energies on both the kitchen and the barn.

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