Jennie Wade House Gettysburg PA April 2017

Paranormal Claims:
Many claims state that both Jennie and her father haunt this small home as both of their apparitions have reportedly been seen over the years. Her father's presence is often associated with the basement where Jennie's body had been placed while the family waited out the last days of battle. The feeling down there is often described as utter sadness. More recent accounts point to something a bit darker. Perhaps it's not even of the same time frame based on what we encountered.
Children's voices are also heard throughout the home. Some claim they have even felt a small hand grab theirs. Could the close proximity of the Children's Orphanage have something to do with this?
Jennie Wade was the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg. She was killed in the kitchen on July 3, 1863, while making bread for the soldiers at her sister's Baltimore Street house. Ironically, Jennie moved to this location from her own home in town, as it was thought to offer a safer refuge from the battle.
Jennie and her family (sister and mother) began handing out water and food to the defeated Union soldiers passed by. As the next two days passed, the home was riddled with over 150 bullet holes, but this did not dissuade Jennie from doing her part to help the Union army.
While intent on making biscuits and bread, Jennie continued undaunted until about 8:30 am, when a Confederate ball penetrated the kitchen door. It pierced the open front room door leading to the kitchen, before striking Jennie below the left shoulder blade, fatally damaging her heart. The home is said to be haunted by both Jennie Wade & her father, who never recovered from her untimely death.

Our investigation was a bit rushed as we only had the house for two hours. We made a quick decision to focus on the upstairs bedroom and basement. The house is very small, and we felt there would be too much bleed through to separate and investigate different areas simultaneously. After trying some different means of spirit communication we recorded a chilling evp on our camera as we asked any spirits that were present to come forward.
We headed down to the basement a bit earlier then anticipated due to the level of street noise we were encountering. The whole mood began to change as soon as we descended those basement stairs. The vibe was very dark. We initially captured some evps of a woman and a child, but there was also a strange male voice that proved to be rather disturbed. A very intense situation seemed to be unfolding around us as the voices of children seemed to be intermingling with this strange male were emanating from who seemed to be from another time and place. The air in the room seemed to thicken with torment as our evening came to an abrupt close.

*While in the basement, we mainly experimented with our Portal Boxes in conjunction with the Paranormal Puck. We run our box exclusively with the P-SB7 while Ron and Lourdes tend to favor the apps such as Echo Vox and Portal Plus. To be honest, we normally shy away from using these apps that use pre programmed phonemes. Having said that, we must admit some of the results were very compelling. At one point the Portal Plus even responded to a word the Paranormal Puck picked up.

This home has its share of residual activity like much of Gettysburg, but I must say the basement has an entirely different vibe, which was confirmed by the gentleman who let us into the house. We felt we were dealing with intelligent spirits as well as some possible bleed through from the nearby orphanage. Things can get dark down there as we witnessed.
It leaves us wondering if restless battle weary spirits of other wars are drawn to the energy that envelops Gettysburg and other such locations throughout the world.
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