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Preliminary Home Investigation, Undisclosed Location NJ April 2013

Paranormal Claims:
Our client; Larry recently purchased this summer home in Northern NJ. He started encountering various spirits almost immediately. He told us that it started with a young girl and a woman. Then a man with a cat joined them. They were soon followed by two additional men, one of whom seems to be quite caring. The other, well...."he just has to go".
Sound a bit wild? Well, it turns out Larry is a bit psychic himself. I'll take it a step further. Medium Steve Lewis picked up on absolutely everything he had told us over the course of the evening.

We are in the process of gathering local and historical data. We are aware that a local man was struck by lightning and perished not long ago.
This was just supposed to be a preliminary investigation. A meet and greet..if you will. A fact finding mission. You know; the usual. You meet with the client. Discuss what they are encountering. Take some photos, obtain some base line readings and schedule a proper full on investigation.
But, my intuition told me that tonight would be different. We had arrived with an array of equipment..all the while explaining that we don't usually do this. After speaking briefly, Larry took us for a tour of the home and the activity started up immediately. Things progressed very quickly and before we knew it Steve was online with us from Australia. Camera's were being put into place and we were gathering some of the most intense activity we've ever gotten with both the REM Pod and the MEL Meter.
Multiple EVP's were caught, and we had some very interesting interaction with the PSB7 as well as the Ovilus.
While our excitement is evident, our priority is to assist Larry in quelling at least some of the spirit activity so that he can begin to feel comfortable in his home.

Case still open pending a future investigation. We will be returning as soon as our schedules allow.
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