Hinsdale House Full Investigation Released October 2018

Paranormal Claims:
There are countless claims of activity in and around the house. I apologize in advance, as I am sure I will leave many out! Chanting and drums are often heard from the woods. Shadow people and full body apparitions are seen all around the property and surrounding woods as well as inside the house. Objects have been moved and thrown. More then one team I am aware of has stated a tall dark shadow person has chased them out of the house. People also report having nightmares and coincidences related to the house. It keeps tugging at you, as if to remind you its still therewaiting for you. Numerous investigations and experiments being done in the house have brought forth countless EVPs and disembodied voices. People experience both physical and mental changes.
The Dandy family experienced a tremendous amount of activity during their time here in the 1970s. In addition to the claims mentioned above they also reported that many people experienced car trouble and or accidents once they have been to the house. We will delve a bit more into the experience we had with our vehicle later. Animals have been known to act strangely. Sadly many pets died or disappeared while the Dandy family was present.
The familys experiences are documented in a book written by Clara Miller (formerly Dandy). Daniel has also released his own book, which chronicles the claims and history throughout the years.
I am not going to delve too much into the history, as there are already many sources for such information out there.
We know this region in general was of importance to the Native Americans who originally inhabited the area; chanting is still heard in the nearby woods to this day. There are stories of gruesome murders, which occurred at the hands of two ruthless brothers known for hijacking stagecoaches in the mid 1800s. Also nearby was a hanging tree where many innocent, and possibly not so innocent people met with an untimely death. The tree was struck by lightning several years ago and is no longer standing.
Flash forward to the 1970s when the Dandy family moved in. Their issues within the home became so terrifying Father Alphonsus, a priest and family friend from St. Bonaventure University decided to exorcise the home as a last resort. Sadly things worsened and the family eventually fled in 1974.

Available books on the subject:

Echoes of a Haunting - Revisited by Clara Miller
Hinsdale House an American Haunting by Daniel Klaes and Tim Joyce
You Know They're Here by Paul J. Kenyon


Haunted Hinsdale House webpage

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Present-Bob, Sandra and Steve; team medium

When we arrived at the house, Michele and her son greeted us. Steve chose to stay outside and walk the grounds alone while Bob and I went on a brief walkthrough. Steve had already been receiving what he calls downloads from the house for weeks and did not wish to hear any of the history or claims.
We placed an offering of tobacco toward the rear of the property beyond the driveway out of respect for the Native American spirits. We also did a second grounding of sorts and stated our intentions. Our first grounding was done prior to stepping foot on the property. We later found out we had done so in the vicinity of where the hanging tree once stood.
Bob decided we should start our investigation in the large upstairs bedroom. We sat quietly for a bit while we struggled to deal with the energy of the house. Steve spoke of what he was tuning into as well as the many impressions he had previously received. We headed downstairs for a quick break. The energy started to fluctuate wildly from this point on. What happened when we returned upstairs to do an EVP session was mind blowing. Each of us took a turn in Marys room with the Panasonic RR DR60 recorder. The responses we received were very dark. Afterwards Bob decided to enter the long narrow closet off the main bedroom. It had been set up like a psychomanteum chamber with a chair at one end a large mirror at the other end. The intelligent responses he received during that session were astonishing!
I dont think its even worth noting all the equipment we laid out during set up. None of the different pods or meters went off the entire night other then a couple of quick hits on our SLS camera upstairs and one fluctuation on our MEL Meter. It was hard to comprehend at the time because the feeling in the house was completely over-whelming. Looking back its evident; the spirits wanted to speakthey were not in the mood to perform.
We eventually made our way downstairs and settled in the living room. In retrospect, I think this was a turning point where everything started to unravel. Its hard for us to watch this video. Everyone present has since commented on how strange we are acting, as if in a trance. We are not even interacting with one another normally. You will start to notice some very odd things. We decided to do a spirit box session. Bob connected an external speaker to the P-SB7 Spirit Box* to amplify the sound output. He then selected FM mode in a reverse sweep of 250 milliseconds. Our radio failed to scan and was locked onto a Christian radio station. A song entitled This is a prayer for you started playing. After resetting the device the audio was muffled, but eventually started working normally.
Once things calmed down with the box my name (Sandra) comes through repeatedly but none of us appear to even notice. Even the placement of the static cameras is bizarre. We are mainly filming THE HOUSEnot us!
I know how strange this sounds. We eventually close the box down and let Steve in on a little secret. Just a few days before our investigation we had the opportunity to speak with Greg and Dana Newkirk about their experiences here. Greg suggested we speak to the house. Not the spirits. The house. It suddenly made perfect sense. The house is alive. If youve been here on a very active night you will understand. A momentary feeling of calm seemed to wash over us before the energy became distorted once again. After we left the room we caught a very odd anomaly that appears to be a face rolling out of the wall. We slowed the image down as best we could and also inserted an arrow on the screen, but the arrow placement is just above the spot you need to look at. We have never seen anything like this before.
At this point we were all quite apprehensive. There was an overwhelming feeling of dread like something was about to happen. We decided to pack up our equipment as we had already overstayed our welcome. Unfortunately, things did not end here.

* This device scans radio frequencies (forward or reverse in AM or FM) like a car radio would scan for a strong station except that it will always scan continuously without stopping. FM mode was selected to connect the radio antennae to a copper conductive plate with a large quartz crystal with a special shielded wire used on aircraft.


So again we return to the vicinity of where the hanging tree once stood to ground ourselves. We were standing in a circle holding hands while Steve led us in a meditation and grounding. We were all very unsteady on our feet; the energy was that strong. Steve and I could feel a dark entity encircling us several times before flying back toward the house.
As we were driving away I had an overwhelming feeling something was about to jump out at usseconds later a deer did just that. It gave us quite a scare. This in itself is not paranormal as there are many deer in this area. The funny thing is that I was relieved. I was expecting a creature of sorts!
When we went back to the hotel I received a bit of a tongue lashing from the group since I was the one drawn here. Bob started speaking about the failed exorcism and some of the other dark legends surrounding the house. I looked at everyone dumbfounded; somehow I had forgotten BUT I knew all of this information. It just didnt make sense. Steve made us promise never to go back. The following morning at breakfast he was begging me to contact Daniel so we could go back again that night.
As soon as we arrived home we noticed a deep claw mark in the side of the seat Steve was sitting in. It was not the kind of mark that could casually be made by brushing something against it. None of the gear was loaded through that door. We are 100% sure that mark was not there when we purchased the vehicle only one week before. We also endured one mechanical issue after another for just about a full year after our investigation.
Shortly after we arrived home Steve & I started to notice a dark figure passing by the kitchen windows. It was circling the house. We would see it out of the corner of our eyes for a split second and then it would be gone. Neither of us said anything for a day or so. I guess we hoped it would just go away. One night it ventured in to our home. Some very extreme measures had to be taken to rid us of this entity who was clearly targeting Steve. What happened next is too fantastical to even try and put into words. If you are a friend, just ask and we will try to explain what was done to the best of our ability. In saying that, we remain forever grateful to Jeff Rezman for his assistance.
We waited almost a full year before we could bring ourselves to start reviewing the evidence. Once we did we realized how strong that energy still is. There were several nights we had to stop because I became nauseous while we were reviewing certain segments. We still dream about it. It beckons to us and often comes up in conversation. I believe we each lost a piece of ourselves that night and have become part of the story.
The Hinsdale house is incredibly haunted. Having said that; different people have vastly different experiences there. You can feel the house and its inhabitants come alive, but what happens next is not up to you. Many people leave the house completely untouched with few experiences to share. Some will have the most intense investigation of their lives. Others are chased out. Others are followed. There is one common thread; the house keeps calling to you. Sometimes it's very subtle. Sometimes it comes to you in your dreams or in the hypnagogic state. You will always want to go back. You will feel the need to go back.
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