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Crystal Springs Hamburg NJ November 2010 - March 2011

Paranormal Claims:
Our client initially reported claims of "blue lights" seen throughout the condo unit. She was quite curious about the phenomena, yet never felt threatened in any way. Her roommate saw these lights as well. He also claimed to hear growling in his room and felt like he was being watched. His two small dogs were constantly terrified. He moved out within 6 weeks. Future roommates did not fare any better.
This portion of the condo complex is only approximately four years old. No known deaths or trauma have taken place in or around this particular unit. Much of the condo complex is actually built on the site of a former Thomas Edison owned mine and quarry. The area itself is rich in quartz, limestone and slate, which could certainly account for the activity that is being encountered. The land is also quite important to the Native American Indians. It's said the Munsee Delaware (Minisink) Indians settled nearby and used these grounds for ceremonial purposes.
Investigation # 1 November 2010

A walk through was conducted by two team members shortly before our investigation was scheduled to take place. EMF baseline readings were flat, with the exception of the client's bedroom. Highest EMF encountered being a 5.0 mg. We were unable to find any cause for this variation. Still photo's were taken during both the walk through and the investigation. We set up a laser grid in the living room along with the Flir thermal cam, and a Sony video camera. A second Sony camera was set up in the client's bedroom. Each investigator was armed with an audio recorder, EMF detector, and / or camera. We conducted various evp sessions with the client throughout the evening and tried to debunk the claims at hand. All of the evidence captured is on the video below. In addition, one of our investigators had a personal experience. They saw "someone" looking in from the deck (we were on the second floor). They appeared to be crawling or crouching and waving.

Please Note: While we do not believe that most orbs are a result of paranormal activity, we do believe that some seem to have an intelligence or "agenda".

Investigation # 2 December 2010

Many things had changed by the time we returned for our second visit. Our client's roommate had moved out and the atmosphere was definitely lighter. She continued to see the "blue lights" and had also started noticing more of a presence in the living room and the deck area. By the time we had scheduled our second investigation, our client had invited a local Indian Chief over to get his take on the situation. We were honored to have been asked to meet with him and observe the ritual he performed. He made an offering of tobacco and lit white sage while chanting and welcoming the spirits. His feeling was that this area was indeed very special to the local tribes, and may have been used for purification ceremonies. We did not investigate that evening or film the ritual. We returned a few weeks later and focused the majority of our efforts into either capturing or debunking what the client was experiencing, as well as what we had experienced firsthand. In addition to our typical array of equipment, we brought along a motion detector which we left outside on the deck. It went off 11 times. One of our investigators went outside to survey the deck and encountered a large bird flapping its wings chaotically. The interesting thing is that we caught very little visually (just a few light anomalies). We did, however, pick up quite a few EVP's that were definitely intelligent in nature. At times, they seemed to be mimicking us. As suspected, we truly believe much of this activity to be Native American. Please pay close attention to these EVP's. They mostly seemed to occur when we were discussing animals they would have been familiar with.

Investigation # 3 February 2011

By the time our third investigation rolled around, our client was still encountering the "blue lights". In fact, she was also seeing them at a friends home in the same complex. Further discussion revealed that she has witnessed such lights while in church and believed that they may possibly be angelic in nature. With that being said, we started to theorize that "something" may be attached to her specifically. Many of our team members have witnessed the phenomena as well. Once again we set up a vast array of equipment and focused on the main living space, as well as the second bedroom where her former roommate had so many issues. This time around, our new member Jerry joined us. He also witnessed "someone" looking in from the deck, yet was completely unaware that this had also been witnessed on our first visit. As usual, the location did not disappoint as more anomalies and evp's were captured including yet another odd event on the deck.

Investigation # 4 March 2011

Our fourth investigation was to be our last. Our client had to move abruptly (not by choice), and we rushed over for one final evening. Accompanying us this time was our newest team member; Will. Bob believes he was touched on the head while we were setting up in the second bedroom. We set up the video camera & started investigating immediately. The level of activity seemed to decrease rather quickly. We decided that we wanted to "hit" the area by the deck with as much power as we possibly could. We situated several pieces of equipment by the door that would enhance the magnetic field (please see the equipment page for more details on the devices we use). To our amazement, we believe that someone or something was trying to form on the deck. There was also quite a bit of light play & orbs or light anomalies on the deck that appeared to be attracted to our equipment. We also experimented with the SB7 Spirit Box. We have included some excerpts of our session below.

This dwelling certainly has its share of paranormal activity. Throughout our investigations, we encountered phenomena that was both intelligent and residual in nature. While our client embraced it, others who attempted to make their home here did not feel very welcome. We believe that much of what was experienced is Native American, and quite possibly land based, but we were also capturing EVP's that were clearly in English. If these were ceremonial grounds, is it possible that some type of portal exists here? How much of this activity is a direct result of the quartz and limestone so heavily mined in this area? We are still researching several different factors associated with this case, and will be conducting some additional interviews as well. We will update this case with any additional findings.

As far as our client is concerned, we are still in touch with her, and here if she needs us. And yes, she is still seeing the blue lights.

We'd like to extend a special thank you to her for allowing us to share this case with the public.
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