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Beekman Arms Event Hosted by Ghost Magnets with a Twist Rhinebeck NY October 2016

The Event:
After dinner we heard a few words from our hosts Twist and Red. They shared some historical information with us as well as some of the paranormal claims at the Inn.The event featured the one and only Alexandra Holzer who shared her thoughts on the paranormal field today. We were also treated to a few stories involving her famous father Hans Holzer and the importance of his contributions.
A group meditation and protection prayer was conducted before we split into groups to begin our investigation. Alexandra and her husband David remained on hand throughout the event offering their insights and experience throughout the evening.

Click here for more information on Alexandra Holzer.
The History:
The first incarnation of the Beekman Arms was originally owned and operated by William Traphagen in the early 1700s. The inn once known as the Traphagen Tavern bordered a small-forested area once inhabited by the Sepasco Indians. William's son Arent eventually relocated the inn to its current spot in 1766. While the Inn may have changed names a few times, it never closed its doors and established itself as a mainstay among the towns elite. George Washington, Aaron Burr, Benedict Arnold and Alexander Hamilton were even regulars here. Its even rumored the quarrel that ended in a duel between Burr and Hamilton started here. As the town continued to prosper a rail line was put in place connecting Rhinebeck and Connecticut. I mention this last bit of history because it ties in with something we picked up the night of our investigation.
The Inn remains a popular gathering place for the community and travelers alike. Over the years many guests and employees have reported seeing shadows in the pub as well as the upstairs hallway. Both male and female apparitions have also been seen in a few of the guest rooms.

Click her for a more in depth history of the Inn
The Investigation:
A note about the investigation:
Robert & I were in the library throughout the evening; unfortunately we only have footage from this area. The other groups, which were led by the GMWAT team and Chuck of Chucks Paranormal Adventures, focused on the Wayfarer dining room and one of the upstairs bedrooms. We were also able to investigate the pub once it closed. Many people had personal experiences including Red and Twist who experienced the knob to their bedroom jiggling in the middle of the night!
Our apologies regarding the video footage, especially the first few minutes: we simply had a camera on a tripod. Our focus was on interacting with the attendees as opposed to actively filming the event.
Having said that; we had a few very interesting moments we would like to share. Pay close attention to one of the P-SB7 Spirit Box responses we receive toward the end. It has something to do with the aforementioned history, which we had been completely unaware of until we started editing the footage.

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