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White Hill Mansion Fieldsboro, NJ March 2017

Paranormal Claims:
The paranormal claims are numerous! Many have encountered a man in the basement who does not like anyone to go behind the bar. The sounds of children echo throughout the walls. An apparition has been seen in the attic area. There is also a second claim of a Hessian soldier roaming around.
Then there is the infamous bathtub on the second floor, which supposedly has seen its share of grisly mob related murders.
This magnificent mansion could not have a more storied past. It has led many different lives as a family home, restaurant, bordello, and speakeasy to name just a few.
The Field family built and maintained the mansion from 1722 until Robert Field III lost the mansion in the early 1800s. During this time period Robert Field II mysteriously drowned in the Delaware River leaving his young wife Mary to defend the home.
Mary managed to hold onto to the property throughout the Revolutionary War. No small feat for a single woman during such times particularly since the British Army actually invaded the home at one point.
The Mansion changed hands many times throughout the 1800s and into the early 1900s. Some of the characters involved may have been a bit unsavory, but the mansion was also home to many prominent members of society; including a state senator.
In 1923 Heinrich and Katrina Glenk purchased the mansion and opened a German bar and restaurant, which they operated until 1972.The mansion changed hands once again. The restaurant continued to operate for some time under the new ownership.
By the time 1999 rolled around the mansion was set to be demolished. Fortunately the Borough of Fieldsboro stepped in and saved it.

The White Hill Mansion is currently on the New Jersey State Register of Historic Places.

Please visit the Friends of White Hill Mansion for more detailed information as well as a timeline of events:

Upon arrival Dawn and Loretta of White Hill Mansion greeted us. They were both wonderful guides throughout the evening.
After being given a brief history of the mansion and its grounds we were left to our own devices.
You could feel the energy building as we quickly broke off into smaller groups and set up our equipment. The evening was quite active overall, but nothing prepared us for what would ensue once our group of 10 sat down together at the basement bar.
For those who were there, you know how much we actually cut out of this sequence. I think I can safely speak for the group when I say we have never had more fun investigating anywhere before or since.

The layers of history are palpable here. So much has happened both good and bad...sometimes very bad. But most of all, we must remember this was also a home! A home once inhabited by people who shared the same hopes, dreams, worries and fears we do.
At times the energy seemed to swirl out of control. Many of us heard and felt children near while on the stairs and heard disembodied voices on the third floor landing. Our personal experiences were off the charts. I have no doubt there are still many spirits who have chosen to remain here.

In writing this I recall our second visit in July had a much different feel...
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