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Bearfort Paranormal Full Length Investigation of the David Stewart Farm Gettysburg PA April 2017

Paranormal Claims:
There are many claims throughout the home, barn and grounds of this fabled property. Stephani, the current owner of the farm is no stranger to the activity. The upper rear bedroom of the home was used as the operating room. Many people sense a presence in this area and some have claimed their personal objects or bed sheets have been moved. High-ranking Confederate officers most certainly lay claim to the home and at least one has made himself visible to Stephani's grandson on the stairs leading to the second floor. He is known as the "blue monster."
The barn itself operated as a field hospital and is rife with all kinds of activity both intelligent and residual. Apparitions are often seen along the tree line and throughout the field behind the barn.
When the battle of Gettysburg came to its conclusion in 1863 the Confederate Army withdrew along Fairfield Rd. During this time period many homes and farms in the area became makeshift hospitals, which housed the many of the wounded and dying soldiers. The David Stewart farm was no exception.
During set up, we did a sweep of the barn with our Mel Meter. No spikes were encountered once we cleared the doorway where the main light switch was located.
We set up our cameras and arsenal of ITC devices. Various Pods (REM EMT, Vibe, UV, Epod) were set up in a row down the center of the barn. We chose to place the final pod where I felt the most energy, the ramp and main entrance to the barn. At the time I was strictly going on feeling. Later I realized how significant this was.
This was the doorway many soldiers passed through, yet never had the good fortune to exit.
As our evening got underway it became very apparent we were dealing with several intelligent spirits. We started with an EVP session and rolled right into an ITC session with the P-SB7 running through our crystal enhanced spirit box. We had direct interaction with a gentleman who was quite happy to see one of the trigger objects we brought along with us. I wont ruin the surprise, but he uttered at least four prominent statements to us within a very short period of time. We were awestruck! After a short break we switched over to Ron's Portal Ghost Box, which he was running with the Portal Plus App. Suddenly the REM Pod EMT started going nuts with hit after hit on the device; it was eventually pegged. We swapped the devices out and the same thing happened again!
All the while voices continued to stream through the box...a truly memorable evening.

The connection we made with some of the spirits in the barn was really very interesting. We will never tire of investigating Gettysburg and the surrounding area though it does sadden me that so many spirits tend to linger here. One can only hope these souls move forward once they are reminded of their loved ones who are still patiently waiting for them on the other side.

We'd like to send a big thank you out to Stephani. She was a wonderful host.
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