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Airport in New Jersey Undisclosed Name & Location June 2011

Paranormal Claims:
Shadows have been reported in the tower. Strange noises and shuffling sounds have been heard in the hangar as well as the sounds of children playing.
The airport was originally built for private use in the 1950s. The land itself has a long history as well, having once been settled by the Lenni Lenape Indians. The property changed hands many times over the years and accommodated everything from an Iron mining operation and quarry to a children's camp and horse farm before its current incarnation. We are unable to say much more about its history as the name and location have been withheld per our clients request.
Based on our clients claims, we decided to concentrate on the utility room @ the rear of the hangar and the tower itself. The utility room had the look and feel of a classic fear cage. EMF readings were quite high in some areas; registering 26+ MG. We ran static cameras in these two locations throughout the evening. We also carried a mobile camera which to our surprise provided the most compelling piece of evidence we captured during this investigation, as you will see in part one of our video footage. Early on we had a very active spirit box session in the hangar. The level of intelligent interaction was impressive to say the least. We also encountered some interesting interaction through the PX, as did our client. We captured several EVPs upon review as well. While we caught many light anomalies, most of them appear to have been bugs. The most impressive one we caught actually "disappears into a door". I'm not aware of a bug that can do that! While in the tower we seem to have caught the attention of a spirit that may have been attempting to make himself seem more powerful then he is. I almost want to say that he seemed to be messing with us to a certain degree as you will clearly see in part three of our footage. Little did we know that more would be encountered with this particular spirit in the future and what the significance of some of the audio sessions in the hangar may be.

As always, we like to let the evidence speak for itself and allow you to draw your own conclusions. Having said that, I did have one personal experience that was not caught on camera. While we were setting up during the day, I happened to find myself alone in the hangar. As I approached one of the planes, a large nut pod (possibly a horse chestnut) rolled and stopped right in front of me. No one else was present that could have accidentally kicked it, so I'm really not sure how this happened. A photo I had taken earlier shows that it originated from several feet away. There is a gentle slope to the floor, so I placed the pod on a "mark" to see if I would move again over the course if the evening and it did not.

Case still active.
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