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The Old 76 House Tappan, NY September 2012

Paranormal Claims:
Employees & patrons alike have had experiences at the tavern for many years. One of the most reported claims has to do with the glass hurricane lamp on table 2. The lamp itself has been found intact on the hardwood floor next to table 2 when the employees arrive for work. Its as if it were gently placed on the floor. A presence is felt near the bar area and around table 11. It has even been thought that there were patrons remaining in the dining room at closing time, but the Inn is found to be empty.
This great tavern has accommodated every General of the west wing of the Continental Army, including General George Washington. It operated as both a meeting place and safe ground for Americans during both the pre and post Revolutionary War days. The story of Major Andre and Benedict Arnold nearly changed the outcome of the Revolution. Major Andre was a very charming and well liked Brit, while Arnold was a well respected general and confidante of General Washington.After a devastating court martial General Benedict Arnold embracing revenge, helped set a plan in motion that would allow the British ships passage across the Hudson River near West Point. Major Andre's role in all this was to deliver important documents pertaining to West Points fortifications to the British Army. Unfortunately for him, he wound up being captured by American soldiers and held in the Tavern while awaiting trial. Andre was found guilty by a court of inquiry and sentenced to "suffer death." He was marched up the hill to a gallows at noon on October 2, 1780. His last words were "All I request gentlemen is that while I acknowledge the propriety of my sentence, you will bear me witness that I die like a brave man." The Americans ignored his request to die an honorable death by gunshot and hung him as planned. In 1820 Andre's remains were brought to rest in Westminster Abbey, London where he is regarded as a hero. Benedict Arnold died in London in 1801, shunned by friend and foe alike.
The Orangetown Resolutions were also adopted here on July 4, 1774. Two years before the Declaration of Independence.

The tavern was beautifully restored in 1986 by the Norden family.
If you are interested in learning more about the Inn's history, please visit the link below to the webpage.

76 House
EMF levels proved to be almost floating throughout the Inn the entire evening and could not truly be relied upon to establish any form of activity.
While we largely focused on the table 2 area where the vast majority of the claims have come from, we had many static cameras set up throughout the Inn. We also set up our Mel8704 SDD Shadow Deviation Detector in the area where the outer wall of the original Inn would have been. This detector senses any reflective or solid object that passes in between the device and its accompanying sensor. This turned out to be a very busy area in deed despite our attempts to debunk the activity.
We sat at table 2 for a large portion of the evening. A REM pod was placed on the table just off center & much to our surprise something triggered it to go off on more then one occasion.
Medium Steve Lewis from Australia joined us on the iPad about midway through the investigation. He immediately sensed a gentleman in the dining room that was watching us from afar. Oddly enough, he seemed to be by table 11, which also has a number of claims surrounding it.
One of the many trigger items we experimented with was a pouch filled with coins.
Steve had advised us to bring this along well in advance of our investigation.
As you will see, we caught some extremely interesting EVPS as well as some interesting interactions with the Ovilus 2.
Innkeeper Robert even joined us for a bit after a conversation with Steve. Steve noted that the spirits are quite fond of Robert and have a great respect for him as well.
The attic area also proved to be quite active. We captured multiple EVPs, the most chilling being a child who seemed to be running down the hallway laughing.
Later in the evening, a shadow and moan were captured as the team was separated on opposite ends of the Dining area.

*There is a washer and dryer in the basement below table two as well as a nearby ice machine. This could cause some people to experience odd feelings , even dizziness if they are susceptible to EMF.

It was quite an honor to investigate this important historical property. The experiences we had were really quite amazing. I think we were all rather surprised that the majority of the EVPS we captured were of females or children. While we are quite aware of the fact that families have resided here throughout history, we just assumed the males would have been more prominent, if anything,
We would love the opportunity to return and focus more of our time on the attic, as well as the area surrounding table 11. As far as our conclusion as to whether the place is haunted or not, I think it would be hard to state otherwise based on the amount of residual and intelligent activity we encountered.

Thank you again to Robert for sharing this wonderful place with us. Your love of the Inn is quite evident.
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