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Selma Mansion Most Haunted Event April 2016 Norristown PA

The Event:
Upon arrival, the gracious ladies who volunteer so much of their personal time to this lovely historic home greeted us. We learned much about the history, as well as their personal experiences in this gorgeous Federal style mansion.
The highlight of the day was Scottish Demonologist Jason Love's lecture. He captivated the audience with otherworldly tales from his experiences abroad.
As darkness fell, we prepared ourselves for the highly anticipated paranormal investigation that was to follow.

The History:
General Andrew Porter built Selma Mansion in 1794. The mansion itself was built around a smaller existing structure that dates back to 1786.
Porter was a Revolutionary War soldier who went on to become Surveyor General, and eventually a General. He is also said to have founded an early incarnation of the United States Marine Corp.
Porter and his wife Elizabeth raised three sons at the mansion. All three went on to achieve great things politically speaking, as did future generations of this prominent Norristown family.
In 1821 the property was sold to Andrew Knox Jr. The Knox family farmed the land for just two generations before it was sold to Joseph Fornance. Mr. Fornance was both a lawyer and a congressman. The mansion remained in the Fornance family until 1982. Selma Mansion is deemed a Pennsylvania state historical site.
It is considered one of the oldest and most historic structures in Norristown, Pennsylvania.
The Investigation:
Jason thought it important to spend some quality time alone with the General in his private study. We were already aware that he had been asking for him prior to his arrival.
Meanwhile, we decided to tackle the top floor of the home first. We immediately encountered some very bizarre readings on both of our REM meters. The anomaly was most prominent upon exiting the bathroom, in the hallway and in the room adjacent to the bathroom. This went on for quite sometime. At one point we even thought someone was trying to reach us through Morse code.
Eventually we made our way down to the second floor. We entered the room directly below as we were eager to debunk the readings we documented, yet were unable to do so.
We decided to do a short P-SB7 session since it was too loud to attempt an EVP session. Things were going along rather well until we seemed to spark the interest of at least one entity with an entirely different demeanor. Perhaps they had a specific grievance they were attempting to put forward. At any rate, I believe this calls for further research.

Here is Jason's Lecture in its entirety-

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